The Hub

Wapato is excited to have purchased the building previously owned by Long’s Tire Man.  Our vision is to create a space that will be useful not only for our church’s needs (Sunday school classrooms, offices, etc.), but will also be a center of activity for the Gaston community.  We desire to be a place that serves the community through the Food Bank, youth activities, family & life programs, technology resources and much more.  This project will happen in phases over a span of time, but we are eager to start renovations and move toward these goals. 


Meet the Construction Team
Rob Dixon-Overall Project Manager:
Laura Fordyce-Design and Permitting Support and Supervision:
Tom Jordan-Construction Contracting/Supervision:
John Sissoyev-Long-term Maintenance and Practical Care

Current Projects

Phase One is complete - we will proceed to complete building out the project as funds are available.

Design Input – Laura Fordyce has crafted plans enabling us to do our best to meet an array of needs, both in the congregation and the community.

Technology Grants – Joel Mulkey is in process of researching available grants to help us reach the need for computers and internet access in Gaston.

Food Bank Grants- Lori Reed is looking into funds that will help pay for the portion of construction that will service the Food Bank.